Criminal law cases

Keyword(s): criminal offences of battery, attempted battery, disorderly conduct and public nuisance, cooperation in criminal matters between the Member States of the European Union, conversion of a foreign criminal judgment, cumulation of terms of imprisonment
Keyword(s): felony of endangering a minor, criminal offences of battery and public nuisance
Keyword(s): misappropriation of funds, sale of real estates owned by a local municipality, violation of the rules of competitive tendering procedures, diplomatic immunity, lack of jurisdiction, Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
Keyword(s): migrants fleeing police measures, misdemeanour offence of disorderly conduct, regulatory offence of causing disturbance, outrageous antisociality
Keyword(s): in absentia proceedings, cooperation in criminal matters with the Member States of the European Union, national arrest warrant, European arrest warrant
Keyword(s): perjury, legal malpractice, rights of defence, exemption from criminal responsibility
Keyword(s): passive corruption of public officials, reliability examination by a security officer, bribery, street corruption
Keyword(s): legal entities' criminal liability, forgery of public documents, fraudulent bankruptcy
Keyword(s): sexual violence against and abuse of a minor
Keyword(s): attempt to commit homicide, legitimate defence